Thursday 10th December at 7pm (AEDT)

Chris Howlett, Cello Part 2 – Rachmaninoff, Sonata and Songs 

In May 2009, Stefan and I sat in the Piazza of Trieste as the sun rose still wearing our tuxedos. It was the morning after the winners’ concert of the Trio di Trieste competition. It is a moment that was a culmination of years of playing together and one that will never be forgotten. Outside of the trio, the Rachmaninoff sonata has always been the sonata that we love to share together.  For me, it stands alone, a giant in the cello repertoire. The two Op. 2 songs by Rachmaninoff that accompany this giant in the programme are simple, stunning and the essence of the cello and piano. We hope you can join us.


Chris Howlett – Cello
Stefan Cassomenos – Piano


Rachmaninoff – Sonata for Cello and Piano in G minor Op. 19
Rachmaninoff – Two Pieces Op. 2

Thursday 10th December at 7pm (AEDT)

60 minutes