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MDCH Kids – Meet the Cello – Rohan de Korte

Join Rohan de Korte on this fabulous adventure of the cello – storytelling, dancing and so much more!

Tickets $12 for a single viewing.


Rohan de Korte – Cello
Nicky de Korte – Cello


Music featured in Cello for Kids by Rohan de Korte:

1. Julie-O by Mark Summer
2. J.S. Bach, Prelude to suite no. 1 in G Major
3. March for Children by Sergei Prokofiev
4. Adagio and Gavotte by James Hook, guest starring Nicky de Korte aged 9
5. Excerpts from:
-Boccherini Rondo
-Theme from Schindler’s list
-Grieg’s Morning Song
-Elgar concerto for Cello
6. ‘The Haunted House’ written by Rohan de Korte, inspired by Steven Isserlis
7. The Swan, Camille Saint Saens
8. Bach Bourees from Suite no. 3 in C Major in the style of Tik Tok dancing
9. Irish Tune from County Derry, arranged by Stephen Chim, transcribed for two Celli by Rohan de Korte. Guest starring Nicky de Korte.

Available On Demand

60 minutes