Anja & Zlatna – Love and Other Mysteries
Thursday, May 13, 8:30 PM (AEST)

Anja & Zlatna brings a unique combination of voices and instrumentalists, fusing exotic Balkan rhythms and melodies with 17th-century improvisation. This incredible ensemble has won audiences everywhere and is coming to the MDCH. This program celebrates beauty of all sorts, featuring colourful street songs, heart-breaking sevdah, and a fiery Fandango.


Aleksandra Acker – musical director and vocals
Kirsty Morphett – vocals
Ryan Williams – recorders
Tim Nikolsky – lead guitars
Andrew Tanner – basses and mouth harp
Donald Nicolson – harpsichord and synths


Hungary trad – Aki-Paki song

Macedonia trad. – Zajdi, Zajdi

Macedonia trad. – Jovano, Jovanke

Bosnia trad. – Moj Dilbere

Serbia trad. – Ruse Kose

Serbia trad. – Sveta Petka

Serbia trad. – Čoček

Spain trad. – Fandango

Mexico trad. – La Juanita

Russia trad. – Godi mtchatsa

Jerzy Petersburski – Utamlyonoe Solnce

Bulgaria trad. – Prituri sa planinata

Esma Redzepova – Ćaje Šukarije

Thursday, May 13, 8:30 PM (AEST)

60 minutes

The Athenaeum 2
188 Collins St, Melbourne