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  • supports piano tuners, technicians and others within our industry;
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If you would like to support MDCH, all contributions are tax deductible through the Australian Cultural Fund. Every little bit helps and we thank you for your consideration.

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MDCH Supporters

Thank you to those who have already joined us on the journey and supported MDCH.

Musicians’ Champion
Michael Aquilina

MDCH Founding Supporters
Adele Schonhardt
Alastair and Sue Campbell
Jason Catlett
Peter and Lyndsey Hawkins
Jahn Buhrman
Maria Sola
Liz and Ken Neilson

MDCHelp Family
Adrienne Reid
Ali Pettigrove
Ana Dinopoulos
Andrew Dixon
Angela Glover
Anthony Rossiter
Ashly Zhang
Brandier AgriRock Holdings Pty Ltd
Briony Dow
Bruce Livett
Caleb Chan
Caroline Neeling
Catherine Murray
Cavel McIntyre
Colin Griffiths
Colin Kennedy
Dale McPhee
Daniel Felton
David Fox-Smith
David Hirschfelder
David Joseph
Deirdre Slattery
Diana Condylas
Diana Murray
Diane Villani
Dianne Islip
Dianne Shields
Donna Mayes
Elisabeth Giddy
Elise Callander
Enid Meldrum
Fiona Corcoran
Flinders Quartet
Humphrey Bower
Hyon-Ju Newman
Ian Morgan
Irene Irvine
Isabel Paisley
Isabel Veale
James Tait
Jamie Rawls
Jane Morris
Janie Gibson
John Schutz
Joy Selby Smith

MDCHelp Family (Continued)
Karen Wayne
Karene Crooks
Katherine Clarke
Kay McDonald
Kingsley Gee
Laurrn Pennefather
Leo de Lange
Lewis Cornwell
Linda Keir
Lois Goodin
Marcel Lammerse
Margaret Baker
Margaret Jennings
Margaret Knight
Margaret Routley
Margot Breidahl
Margot Costanzo
Margot Woods
Mark Wakely
Maria Sola
Mary Barlow
Mary Hanrahan
Michael Champion
Michael Hong
Michael Leighton Jones
Michael Lum
Nick Martin
Noeline Sandblom
Palmira Arias Simson
Patricia Pooley
Paul Kildea
Peter Burch
Phil Moye
Philip Shaw
Richard Gubbins
Robert Clarke
Rosemary Tait
Roslyn Kushinsky
Sally Nightscales
S.quad Training
Sheila Hirst
Simon Rashleigh
Stephanie Eslake
Susan and Chris Hughes
Susan Rennie
Susie Furphy
Sylvia Geddes
Ted Davies
Wen-Hui Chiang

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